5 IT Band Stretches Each Runner Wants

5 IT Band Stretches for Runners

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Two phrases most runners have heard all through their coaching: IT band. That’s as a result of working simply irritates this thick piece of fascia (aka connective tissue), which runs out of your hip to your knee. In actual fact, the telltale tenderness is likely one of the commonest overuse accidents amongst runners — and a dreaded purpose for taking a break from the game.

“The primary function of the IT band is to withstand the bowing of the femur [or thigh bone] that happens at any time when we run,” says Cameron Yuen, DPT, CSCS, and senior bodily therapist at Bespoke Remedies. Specialists suspect “the ache is because of compression and tightening of the IT band [as the knee bends and extends] between zero and 30 levels,” he explains. That is the standard vary of movement throughout your simple, lengthy runs, says Yuen.

Whereas commonly foam rolling and doing IT band stretches could also be your go-to for ache aid, it’s not the one — and even the most effective — answer. “We now know that we will solely stretch the IT band two to a few millimeters at most. Most of what we expertise following foam rolling is rest of the nervous system,” says Yuen. “Rolling the IT band will briefly make the spot really feel higher, however won’t change it a lot for future runs.”

Fortunately, there are efficient workout routines to calm your cranky IT band. If you happen to’re experiencing ache out of your hip to you knee, Yuen suggests reducing again on mileage and the depth of your exercises as the primary line of protection. Then, do these IT band stretches and energy workout routines to assuage what ails you.

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5 Finest IT Band Stretches and Energy Workouts

IT Band Stretches: TFL Foam Rolling

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1. TLC for Your TFL

Your TFL, or tensor fascia latae, is a small muscle simply in entrance of your hip and is likely one of the muscle groups that attaches on to your IT band. Giving it a bit of tender loving care may also help relieve a number of the stress in your IT band.

: To seek out your TFL, place your foam curler straight on the facet of your hip. Then, rotate barely ahead in order that your pelvis is at a slight angle in the direction of the ground. Gently roll out this space for 30 seconds to at least one minute and change sides. Utilizing a lacrosse or tennis ball may also aid you get deeper into the muscle.

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IT Band Stretches: Glute Medius Foam Rolling

2. Roll Out Your Glutes

Your gluteus medius and gluteus maximus are significantly necessary to get unfastened. These are two different muscle groups that insert straight onto the IT band.

: To find your gluteus medius, sit on the froth curler with one knee bent, ankle positioned on the other knee. Lean over towards the bent leg so the froth curler is straight on the facet of your hip and rotate backwards barely so your pelvis opens up in the direction of the ceiling. Slowly roll out this space for 30 seconds to at least one minute earlier than switching sides.

Your gluteus maximus is the massive muscle in your rear. Sit on high of the froth curler and cross one ankle over your knee. Keep dealing with upright (as a substitute of rotating slight to the facet, as proven above) and gently therapeutic massage this space for 30 second to at least one minute and change sides.

IT Band Stretches: Ankle Dorsiflexion Mobilization

3. Ankle Dorsiflexion Mobilization

What’s beneath your knee issues, too. “Your ankle wants a sure vary of movement when working, and in case you don’t have it, your knee will are inclined to collapse inward,” contributing to IT band ache, says Yuen.

: Repair a resistance band to an anchor level that won’t transfer. Loop the opposite finish of the resistance band round your ankle, slightly below your ankle bone, and place your foot on an elevated floor (like a bench). Preserve the foot flat as you push your shin ahead over your toes till you’re feeling resistance. Repeat 15-20 instances.

Don’t have a resistance band? You possibly can nonetheless carry out this motion, specializing in transferring your shin additional and additional over your toes.

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IT Band Stretches: Standing Fire Hydrant

4. Standing Hearth Hydrant

A wholesome IT band is dependent upon sturdy hips. “With out these muscle groups, the knee tends to break down inwards, which might place much more stress on the IT band,” says Yuen. This train isolates and strengthens the hip abductors and exterior rotators, that are the muscle groups that management hip and knee place.

: Place a resistance band round your knees. Stand in your left leg, with a slight bend in your knee. Bend your proper knee to type a 90-degree angle. Hinge from the hips and lean your torso ahead. Carry your proper leg up, sustaining the 90-degree bend in your knee, after which deliver the knees again collectively. Attempt to maintain your hips and torso regular and preserve a protracted backbone. Full three units of 15 reps on every leg.

IT Band Stretches: Standing Wall Squat

5. Standing Wall Squat

Working is basically a single leg sport, which suggests hip and core management are important, says Yuen. It is a nice purposeful energy coaching train for runners, working the thigh and hip muscle groups.

: Stand subsequent to a wall along with your toes parallel and hip-width distance aside. Place a foam curler between your proper hip and the wall. Switch your weight to your left foot and carry your proper foot off the ground. With a impartial backbone, have interaction your core and carry out a single-leg squat, driving your hips again whereas sustaining strain into the froth curler. Don’t let your left knee fall inward. Full three units of 10 reps on both sides.

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