Thoughts Blowing Indicators You Are A Salt Addict (And What To Do About It)

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Though salt is a mineral that’s very important for a usually functioning human physique, our modern-day diets comprise far an excessive amount of of it. Quick time period consumption of extreme quantities of salt can result in a rise in blood strain. With extra time, hypertension results in coronary heart illness, stroke, and a few years of excessive salt consumption can result in osteoporosis.

The steered salt consumption for the common grownup is 6 grams every day. Our present life-style and consuming habits often double this quantity.

However what are you able to do in the event you merely love salt? Are you a salt junkie? Do you add salt to your salads? Greens? Citrus fruits? Once you sit right down to eat, earlier than you do the rest, do you attain for the salt shaker?

Salt does add taste to meals, it’s a reality of life. However there are many different methods you may taste meals minus that shaker on the desk. Talking of that shaker in your kitchen desk, what’s in there precisely? We’re going to discuss a bit extra about that later. Proper now, let’s take a look at the highest indicators that you’re consuming an excessive amount of salt.

1. Bloating

After all, consuming an excessive amount of of sure meals results in bloating. However in the event you didn’t eat 6 bean burritos for lunch and you might be nonetheless feeling bloated, you could be leaning too exhausting on the outdated salt shaker. Salt causes the physique to retain water. It’s because your physique is making an attempt to dilute the salt with water. Plenty of water. This will make you’re feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and unattractive.

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